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I have an unbelievable sad story to tell today.My son Jeremy is 27 and he was married at age 18, had two beautiful sons.She started seeing someone eles secretly, than divorced him 3 years into their marriage.She gave them a quote from a call to a childcare facility of 930.00 which made his child support 800.00 a mo.This left him 83.00 a week to live on.In the mean time, he noticed his gums changing color.and his teeth started to chip away.He went to the dentist, and got help from his boss to go.They said he needed surgery to replace his teeth.Today it is so bad, that he can barely eat food.Only soft food, and thats not healthy.I have been looking for 2 years for some help for him.No one wants to help, they seem only interested about the money, and cost.He works 6 days a week , and pays out 400.00 a week from his check.Doesnt have a social life since the divorce 5 yrs now. He is so concerned about his teeth, who would'nt be.He never had a cavity in his life until now.I know that mountain dew is what he always drinks.And is the cause of this tragedy.His entire mouth has to be replaced.He is scared and has no resourses to take care of hisself.Please if there is someone out there reading this , help direct us to some help.This is a medical issue now, and his life is on the line.The pain is unbearable, sometimes he is up all night with no real sleep.He has health ins.and if anyone knows of a way to go through health ins for this contact me at once.Thank you Debbie

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